AED – would you use one?

Back in 2012 I did a blog piece shortly after Fabrice Muamba collapsed at White Hart Lane. I wanted to revisit the issue of AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators) after a recent personal experience. When I do first aid courses I show students an AED and give them hands on experience and really try to get […]

David Cameron seeks cyber-security talks with China

It has been reported that David Cameron has said he is seeking “a proper dialogue” with China over cyber-security. He raised the issue with Li Keqiang the Chinese Prime Minister during a recent visit. China has been identified by the UK and US as a major source of industrial espionage and hacking. It’s a real […]

Do First Aiders need to have Ofqual accredited qualifications?

It’s been a while since I put finger to keypad so here goes. I wanted to do another piece about First Aid because there have been some significant changes to the way that First Aid training companies are regulated. Löfstedt In March 2011, the Government set up an independent review to make proposals for simplifying […]

Health and Safety Gone Really Mad

Where Did It All Go Wrong? If we asked anyone what he or she thought about health and safety, the reply probably wouldn’t be printable. Heck, it’s even got the Prime Minister fooled! So where did it all go wrong and why has health and safety got such a bad reputation? Health and Safety Gone […]

Upcoming Courses and Course A-Z

Morning! You can view the upcoming courses page here. We’ve also published a full course A-Z so if you can’t find the course you want on the upcoming courses list, you’ll find it there. Remember, we’re happy to hear from you anytime with any questions about regulations, legislation and the training itself. It’s easy to […]

Physical Intervention, Control & Restraint – Why Training Is So Important

Physical Intervention, Control and Restraint I wrote a piece back in 2010 for Professional Security magazine and thought I’d revisit it, in light of the joint Home Office and SIA announcement on compulsory Physical Intervention training for ALL door supervisors, old and new. You can the full article here. My article was about the use […]

The Campaign for Defibrillators to Become Available in Public Places

Defibrillators – a vital addition to the community This morning’s BBC Breakfast covered Fabrice Muamba’s return to the Bolton ground after he collapsed at White Hart Lane during an away match a few weeks ago when his heart stopped beating. They went on to introduce the father of Oliver King, a 12-year-old boy who had […]

How safe is YOUR relative in care?

How safe is YOUR relative in care?  Last week’s BBC Panorama has been playing on my mind. It showed in a shocking and brutal way how our elderly loved ones in this country are being treated at the hands of greedy and uncaring care home bosses. Admittedly this is not true of every care home […]

Is ‘Health & Safety’ Such A Dirty Word?

  Is ‘Health and Safety’ such a dirty word? What do you think when I say the words ‘Health and Safety’?  If you’re anything like the people who come on our health and safety courses, often under duress, you cringe. But why?! Health and     Safety has been in the workplace for all my working life […]

Terror Threat Level Reduced

On Monday the Home Secretary, Theresa May announced that the Terror Threat to the UK from International Terrorism would be reduced from Severe to Substantial.This means that a terrorist attack is a strong possibility and might well occur without further warning. The Terror Threat level posed by Northern Irish Terrorism remains unchanged at Severe in […]