Terror Threat Level Reduced

On Monday the Home Secretary, Theresa May announced that the Terror Threat to the UK from International Terrorism would be reduced from Severe to Substantial.This means that a terrorist attack is a strong possibility and might well occur without further warning. The Terror Threat level posed by Northern Irish Terrorism remains unchanged at Severe in Northern Ireland and Substantial on the UK Mainland. Prior to this Terror Threat change, the UK was at Severe since the 22 Jan 2010.



  1. michael rutter says:

    I always look at the terrorism threat. But I feel that 90% of the threat level is a guess ? I know people get tipped off’ that something is going to happen and the fact the people that may be a threat are being watch. When I worked in the meridian shopping centre in Havant we never got told or learnt anything about the threat to the UK . I also think all school’s should have a lesson on this . I’m starting to get more interested in studying about terrorism in the UK.

    people are to scared to learn what’s around the corner and always think nothing will happen to them . I’m not like that I always think what could happen where ever I am. Like if I’m in a building lets say like the cinema I always look at where all the fire exit are .same as if im in the street I always study the area and people around me .

    • James Sanderson says:

      Thanks for making a comment. I agree with your points wholeheartedly. People don’t understand the Threat and Response system currently in force. I can qualify this misunderstanding by drawing attention to what you generally see posted in Government, Military and other sites up and down the Country. They all show Heightened as the Security Level. This is wrong. Currently the UK is on a Substantial Threat footing. This doesn’t change unless there is credible information to the contrary. This level is set by JTAC. The Response (the way organisations respond to threat levels) should be secret to that organisation. Heightened Is a response not a Threat. What you end up with is the whole Country on Substantial Threat but the response should be different depending on that organisations own in house Threat Assessment based upon their business and location etc etc. The Idea of keeping response secret to the organisation is so that anyone looking at a building or organisation has no idea what security measures are in place thus making it uncertain whether an attack would be successful. People generally don’t talk about it because they don’t understand it. Interesting that you mention a shopping centre. Places of large public gatherings are potential targets and some of the larger and probably the smaller ones as well have been subject to Hostile Reconnaissance so Shopping Centre Management and Security should be in tune with this 100%. It is an interesting area to be involved in and your personal awareness is spot on….

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