CCTV Training

CCTV Training

CCTV Compliance

There is now more and more focus on the use of CCTV in security and law enforcement. The UK is the most heavily CCTV monitored country in the world with over 4.2 million CCTV cameras nationwide. That’s 1 camera for every 14 people. But do we know what companies and organisations should be doing to make us feel confident that we are not having our privacy rights violated?

All CCTV operators should abide by the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) CCTV Code of Practice. Even if a system is not registered with the ICO, they should still be adhering to the code, as well as the Data Protection Act 1998.

There are countless companies that sell the latest CCTV technologies, capable of taking and storing crystal clear images. Imagine if your company had installed a new and expensive CCTV system but it didn’t adhere to the CCTV compliance code. Any incidents that were captured on the system would be null and void because it wasn’t being used according to the CCTV legislation.

CCTV Courses

That’s where we come in. During our CCTV courses we teach you to operate and supervise the use of CCTV equipment in the correct way so that CCTV compliance best practices are observed and expensive mistakes don’t happen.

We offer two SIA CCTV training courses:

CCTV (Public Space Surveillance) Security Managers Course
This 2-day course covers legislation and ethical use of CCTV so that your CCTV system is fully compliant and any evidence you recovered from the CCTV would be treated correctly so it could be used in court. The course includes:

  • Data Protection and the Information Commissioner
  • Your CCTV control room
  • Recovering and handling CCTV evidence
  • Making your CCTV system compliant

Assessment will be tutor lead. During the course you will analyse various documents and have group discussions on the key areas.View the full SIA CCTV (Public Space Surveillance) Security Managers training course details.

BOOKING: please contact us to book onto this course.

Level 2 CCTV PSS (Public Space Surveillance) Operators Course
This 4-day course covers 3 main areas:

  1. Working in the private security industry
  2. Working as a CCTV Operator –(this includes the codes of practice, legislation  and your responsibilities)
  3. Practical operation of CCTV equipment

You will need to do a multiple choice exam to pass units 1 and 2, and demonstrate that you have understood and can operate a CCTV system to pass unit 3. You’ll get the best advice, support and training to ensure you pass and go on to apply for your SIA CCTV Security License. View the full Level 2 CCTV PSS (Public Space Surveillance) Operators Course details.

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