Counter Terrorism


Is Counter Terrorism Training Relevant To You?

It’s tempting to think that you won’t ever have to worry about terrorism, or being targeted by terrorists, and most of us won’t be. However, most of us have become more aware following recent terrorist attacks that they can happen anywhere and at any time.  But would you know the correct procedures if for example, your company received a suspicious package, or there was a suspicious looking vehicle parked outside your premises?  That’s what our counter terrorism courses are for.

There are a number of groups both across the UK and based in various locations overseas that could one day pose a threat. You may even be working with or have a loose connection to a company that experiments on animals that might leave you open to an act of domestic terrorism. We offer counter terrorism awareness training to individuals and companies in the UK.

Anti-Terrorism Training

The UK has a counter terrorism strategy in place, covering four main areas: prevent, pursue, protect and prepare. And there is a hotline number which can be found on the Government’s Security Office page here. We can give you up to date counter-terrorism training and information that will help prepare and protect you, your business and your assets.

Terrorists have to find targets to attack and to do that they carry out detailed surveillance known as “hostile reconnaissance”. If you know what to look for, this can be spotted and reported quickly, averting any potential attack. Would you know what to look for?

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