Personal Safety Awareness


Personal Safety Awareness Training

Our personal safety course is designed to teach you what you need to consider and watch out for in order to keep yourself safe, in both work and personal situations. Anger and aggression are all too common and being able to manage your personal reaction to confrontation is vital. Even better is being aware and prepared to avoid those situations before you do get involved.

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Personal Safety Training For Everyone

Whether you work alone, have to work with customers and service users, or work in the care industry, this course will greatly improve your personal safety awareness and your understanding of the potential risks of dealing with difficult people and how they might threaten your personal safety.

Our personal safety course covers and expands on the following areas:

  • Why people get angry and aggressive
  • Personal safety risk assessment
  • Managing dynamic situations
  • Using force and the law around its use
  • Breakaway techniques
  • Personal attack alarms

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