Personal Safety Training

Personal Safety courses

Personal Safety Training and Dealing with Difficult People

Are you a lone worker?

Do you work for yourself and have to visit people at their homes or businesses?

Are you in a customer facing role?

Do you work with children or young people?

Then SPP personal safety training is essential.

At SPP Solutions we run a number of personal safety and conflict management courses that will cover many areas including:

  1. Understand, assess and reduce risks to your personal safety
  2. Deal with difficult and aggressive people in a calm and confident way
  3. Use practical techniques to manage aggressive situations
  4. Use non-physical skills as far as possible
  5. Use physical intervention
  6. Self Defence when things go too far

Our full personal safety, control and restraint, conflict resolution and self-defence courses include:

–          Personal Safety Awareness

–          Breakaway and Self Defence

–          Disengagement and Non-Restrictive Physical Intervention Skills

–          Physical Intervention for Staff Working With Children and Young People

–          Physical Intervention

–          Addressing Theft and Conflict in a Retail Environment

Our personal safety and conflict management courses are based in Havant, Hampshire. We offer self defence courses, training in dealing with difficult people and conflict management training across Portsmouth, Hampshire and the South, London, Birmingham and nationwide.

Deal with Difficult People With Confidence

Our courses are run by experienced, respectful trainers that can teach and give advice and support before, during and after your course.

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