Door Supervisor Course – Upskilling

  • 1 Day Course.
  • This course is for anyone looking to renew their door supervisor license.
  • £100 Per Person (+VAT). Cost includes exam fee.
  • Unit 1 is assessed with a true/false scenario paper and practical assessment and Unit 2 with a multiple choice paper.


Level 2 Award: Up-Skilling Door Supervisor Course

You don’t need to re-take your training if you currently hold a Door Supervision license and you are looking to renew it. However, if you attained your original DS qualification before the new QCF qualification was introduced (Summer 2010) then you won’t have undertaken some of the training that people with the newer QCF qualification will have received. You will need to pass the ‘Up-Skilling for Door Supervisors’ award before you can renew your license. The award involves a one day door supervisor course covering physical intervention as well as self-study on topics such as first aid, awareness of terrorist threats and considerations in dealing with children and young people.

Entry requirements Each candidate MUST produce ID in line with SIA requirements. Any candidate who cannot satisfy the ID requirements will be unable to continue the course. The current SIA ID requirements will be sent to you once you enroll. Each candidate will also complete a Basic Skills Agency literacy assessment in line with the awarding body and SIA recommendations. The idea of the assessment is to find the literacy level each candidate is at in order to give assistance throughout the learning process.

Course structure The Door Supervisor Course (Upskilling) is divided into 2 parts.

Part 1 is entitled “Physical Intervention for Door Supervisors” and covers the following core areas: Understand physical interventions and the legal/professional implications of their use, Understand how to reduce the risk of harm when physical intervention skills are used, Be able to use non-aggressive physical skills to protect self and others from assault, Be able to use non-pain related standing holding and escorting techniques including non-restrictive and restrictive skills, Understand good practice to follow after physical interventions.

Part 2 is entitled “Safety Awareness for Door Supervisors” and covers the following core areas: Understand the Door Supervisor’s role in Countering Terrorism and understanding Terrorist Threats, Understand the Door Supervisor’s role in First Aid situations, Understand the Door Supervisor’s role when dealing with children and young people.

Assessment method
Unit 1 assessment consists of 10 yes or no answers based upon the theoretical information surrounding Physical Intervention.

Unit 2 is assessed by means of a multiple choice question paper. The Unit 2 assessment consists of 10 multiple choice questions answered in 20 minutes.

Pass marks
Unit 2: 7 correct answers out of 10 questions (70%)

Course duration
1 Day.

How much does the course cost?
£100 per person + VAT (Inclusive of Exam Fees)


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