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Welcome to SPP Solutions, an award-winning company, Best Specialist Security Training Provider of 2016 and 2018.

Thursday May 7th, 2020

SPP Solutions COVID-19 response.

Measures will be announced shortly by the Government to allow some business functions to continue. In light of this imminent announcement our ongoing course and risk policy still stands and is highlighted below:

  1. I totally understand your reservations about training at this time but would stress that legislative training such as First Aid, Fire and Health and Safety training is a necessity not a luxury and therefore not classed as a social gathering.
  2. The way we are approaching the current crisis is to reduce class sizes by at least 50%.
  3. We would encourage groups from the same business so as to reduce the anxiety of being in close proximity with other individuals that you don’t know.
  4. We have and will source the largest classrooms so that in conjunction with the reduction in class size we are able to maintain a degree of distancing.
  5. All equipment will be fully disinfected before and after any training so you can rest assured that infection control measures will be second to none.
  6. Medical grade hand gel will be available in the classrooms and all candidates will be encouraged to wash hands with soap and water and then use sanitiser before any training is undertaken and after each break everyone will sanitise again before resuming training.
  7. Because the COVID-19 virus can live on hard surfaces for days, all desks will be disinfected before and after each training session.
  8. We can set up an online training session that you company can dial into or alternatively we can visit you at your premises should that be a better option that delivers piece of mind for attendees.

Please reach out should you have any questions or particular requirements. I’m sure we can accommodate and respond accordingly.

James Sanderson

CPR statement from Resuscitation Council UK

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