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Self Defence

The Idea of Self Defence is to empower people to take the initiative in a serious encounter and escape. Self Defence is not comprised of techniques designed to allow you to engage in a fight its techniques that allow you to strike, seizing initiative in order to make an escape.

Our training is designed for men and women alike and is simple and achievable.

Who is this course for?

Anyone. We can do group bookings or take individual bookings.
Entry requirements

Candidates who undertake this training must have the physical capability to undertake physical skills training and will be required to fill in a confidential medical questionnaire.
How much does the course cost?

Course structure

  • The Law surrounding Self Defence
  • Levels of aggression
  • Situational awareness
  • Dealing with extreme Stress
  • Self Defence Techniques
Assessment method

There is no formal assessment. The aim is to raise awareness and understanding.
Course duration

1 Day.
Pass marks


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