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Physical Intervention

Fulfilling a security role is a difficult undertaking and in any security sector you could have to restrain difficult or violent people. Restraining and Intervening physically without any training is both dangerous to all involved and could be unlawful.

Our Physical Intervention training is vocational and we can cover both nonrestrictive and restrictive interventions.

Who is the course for?

Door Supervisors, Security Operatives, Courtroom Security Staff, Care Staff, Education & Teaching Staff, Retail Staff, anyone who is expected to physically intervene.
Assessment method

Continual assessment over 3 days and a written examination paper on the last day.
How much does the course cost?

£350 per person + VAT.
Course structure

Subject covered Include and expand on the following:
  • Understanding Reasonable Force
  • Understanding the Law relating to the Use of Force
  • Understanding Health and Safety
  • Lone Working
  • Physical Intervention techniques
Entry requirements

Candidates who undertake this training must have the physical capability to undertake physical skills training and will be required to fill in a confidential medical questionnaire.
Course duration

3 days.

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